MD30/HXR Swing Doors For X RAY Rooms

"Lead-covered glasses are safely used on radioactive and X-ray imaging, angiography rooms, fluoroscopy rooms, CT scan rooms, high-tech PET-PET/CT scan rooms, observation and operation rooms with their light permeability and endurance features."

METAXDOOR lead-coated doors prevent radioactive fall-outs to spread out of the door in places like healthcare industries, medical services, radioactive places, X-ray imaging labs, pharmaceutical warehouses and anywhere radioactivity is used in.Thanks to its special design, with the last move of the door, there remains no air gaps after the door is closed.

Using radiation shields as required in nuclear medicine services is very important for the safety and protection of patients,personel and technicians.METAXDOOR nuclear medicine service doors serve a function of safety in highly radioactive places.

The doors and the door frames put in an outstanding performance in the prevention of self and habitat.Radiation doors are manufactured in high quality with radiation blocking, resistant to seismic activities and air-tights features.

Protection from X-ray

X-rays causea radioactive fall-out those sprawl to walls, ceiling, ground and the door of the room.Lead-coated nuclear medicine service doors absorb and block these sprawls

Lead-Coated Doors

Radiation doors are manufactured in high-quality with radiation shielding, persistance to seismic activity and air-tightness features.Interior side of the radiation doors are coated with thick lead sheets and the thickness can be adjusted as required.