MS30/GLS Glass Sliding Door

When it is required more transparency,wider area and attractive depth for the places,the right product is definitely MS30/GLS that is completely automatic glass sliding system.

METAXDOOR MS30/GLS,is presented to users in order to compose the constructive details with a mechanism by electromechanically.

METAXDOOR MS30/GLS,is the door system that is prefered for business buildings,public buildings,industrial faciliti es,schools,hotels,hospital,factories,shopping malls etc. METAXDOOR MS30/GLS,is the door system that is respond to all requirements for each range.

METAXDOOR MS30/GLS,is the door entrance system that is prefered securely because of that it has flexible structure,easy installation,conformance to national and international standards,wide design flexibility for the architectures,visual,technical and successful solutions.