SDD30 Swing Door

With its electromechanic mechanism and advanced electronic control unit METAXDOOR SDD30 automatic swing door opener provides flawless smooth wing movement and silent operation.

METAXDOOR SDD30 system operates with activation sensors or ‘push&go’. The system can be integrated to other automation systems of the building (fire alarm, central control system, etc). METAXDOOR SDD30 can be applied to your current manual aluminium door and by this it gives the opportunity to add automation to your manual swing door.

In case of power failure the system will not lock itself allowing manual usage.

METAXDOOR SDD30 automatic door opener has wide range of application areas and can be easily used in places such as shopping malls, hospitals, social buildings, hotels, restaurants and also in places to provide disabled people with ease of use.

Some of the main specifications are;
•    Slim design, 70 mm
•    Low force manual operation
•    Easily adjustable speed and other functions
•    Low accessory cost
•    Pull and push function